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At Rapid Restoration, we expertly apply professional-grade ceramic coatings to protect your vehicles exterior from harmful UV rays, the daily elements, and keep your vehicle easier to maintain with an anti-stick surface.  We also offer wheel, glass, and interior coatings. Our years of experience and access to top-of-the-line tools means you can expect nothing but the best.

Years of Gloss & Easy Maintenance

WHAT IS A Ceramic Coating?

A ceramic coating is the highest chemical grade form of protection and gloss for your vehicle. A true coating chemically bonds to your paint and leaves a hardened and hydrophobic layer to your surface that becomes semi-parmanent. This sacrificial layer is extremely chemical resistant and helps in offering protection from bird droppings, bug splatter, sap, and water spotting. It adds a layer of some scratch resistance and protects your car’s surface from harmful UV rays. It also makes your car much easier to keep clean due to it’s rejection of water and the elements. A ceramic coating’s chemical bond differs from waxes and (ceramic) sealants as they only sit on the paint surface and quickly wear off. 


We offer options of a 3-5 year and 6-8 year coating.

Ceramic Coatings Properties


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The cost of a ceramic coating in Augusta in our shop ranges from $850 – $1,750 depending on two factors. Which package option you choose and also the size of the vehicle. We offer two 5 year and two 8 year package options.

  • Strip wash to remove dirt, bird droppings, acid rain, and any previous layers of wax
  • Iron decontamination to shed any break dust, iron or other metal based contaminates
  • Clay bar application to remove other embedded contaminates
  • Wheel and wheel well cleaning
  • Door jam cleaning
  • Engine bay cleaning
  • Paint correction service
  • Panel prepping before the coating is applied
  • Coating installed

Silicon Dioxide is the main and key ingredient in ceramic coatings. This is also the key ingredient found in glass to give it hardness and create the reflective property. You will find blends of other components in a coating ranging from Teflon, Titanium, and Graphene, all with unique properties. There is also a mixture of carrier ingredients that’s main purpose is to help the key ingredients have the proper bond to the paint and help with application. 

It can be done. However, what many don’t realize is the prep work is 100% key to the outcome and finish of the vehicle. The paint correction process is the most critical step before ever applying the coating to ensure that your vehicles surface is as flawless as possible before installing the coating. This is where a shop with experience and knowledge come into play.  Without the appropriate steps a coating can seal in all of the scratches and swirls on your finish. Also with improper installation the coating can produce streaks known as high spots that can become permanent to the surface of your coating. Without proper preparation a coating will fail prematurely and not perform correctly.  


Take a second to provide us with your vehicle’s year, make, model, & we will contact you with the best ceramic coating options & pricing.

How much do Ceramic Coating cost?

The prices listed are for small cars and sedans. Pricing may vary depending on condition of paint & size of vehicle.


$ 900


$ 1250


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